Blue Knob State Park

A woman rides a mountain bike through the woods at Blue Knob State Park

Blue Knob State Park has some of longest descents that you can find in PA, taking you from the second highest point in the state at 3146 feet down to 1576 feet. However getting to the high point without doing a shuttle requires a long climb by PA standards. Since the rewards are fun rock gardens, fast flowy stretches of singletrack, and an 8 mile downhill it is well worth the effort to do the climb or set up a shuttle.

While trails like Mountain View Connector, Lookout Loop and Rock N Ridge #1 have long sections of intermediate rock gardens the rock steps at the top of the Lost Turkey Trail will challenge even expert riders. The downhills on Crist Ridge and Rock N Ridge are fast, flowy and non-technical descents.

From the Pavia Lookout, Chappell Fields Lookout and along sections of Three Springs Trail there are awesome views from high on the Allegheny Front.  

LHORBA has been helping to build and maintain trails at Blue Knob State Park for over 20 years. Members helped flag and build parts of Crist Ridge, Rock N Ridge #4, re-routes of the lower section of Rock N Ridge, the Campground Connector and Lost Turkey Connector to the Tower. Key Person Kevin Campbell makes sure the trails get regular trail maintenance from LHORBA members.


Kevin Campbell

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